Generative AI
With GenAI training, strategic consulting, and tailored solution development, Prometee accelerates your Business Generative AI transformation.
Prometee - une approche humaine au Generative IA

Unleash Next-Level Business Success

Prometee merges business expertise with GenAI innovation, offering specialized training, strategic consulting, and custom solution development to drive your enterprise's success.

The Business Founders

Meet our founders, deeply business-rooted with their extensive experience in driving business functions across industries
Florian Raemy
CEO & Co-founder
Ex-CFO at Pictet, CFO and CCO at Groupe Mutuel and strategy consultant
Cristina Alvarez
Leading GenAI at Philip Morris, previously heading data and analytics there and at Nespresso
Alexandre Zeenny
Head next-gen products at JTI, formerly at Groupe Mutuel and Logitech

Bridging Business with GenAI tech

Explore our in-depth articles that showcase the convergence of business challenges and GenAI technologies.